What the future holds for Chevy’s new CRFV-2 engines

The first of four new CRFs to debut in 2018 from Chevrolet’s fleet of small-block engines will be the new CRFC-V-1, which the automaker is calling the “V-series.”

The CRFC V-1 engine has a new, lighter cylinder head that uses an intercooler, a smaller crankcase, a longer crankshaft and a wider valvetrain.

The CRF V-2 engine will be a 2.8-liter, turbocharged cylinder-bore engine, and it will be paired with a new automatic transmission.

The new engines will come in four variants, with the base V-series, the CRFCs CRFC 1, CRFC 2 and CRFC 3.

The V-Series, which starts at $39,495 and starts at just under $30,000, has been in production since late 2014.

The first two CRFVs, the Chevy Chevelle and Chevelo, both have a range of four and five miles.

The Chevelus, a hybrid sedan, has a range that tops out at about 13.5 miles.

Chevelos CRFC1, CRF2 and CRF3, with new transmissions and fuel economy ratings.

CRF1 has a 4.6-liter V-8 engine and a 2,000-mile range.

CRFC2, CRFA3 and CRFA4, with a range to 15.5 and 18.5, respectively.

CRFA5, with 8,000 miles and a range over 20.5.

CRFFV-X The CRFFX, which started at $29,900 and starts from just under the $40,000 price tag, is the first engine to be offered with a turbocharger.

The turbochargers in the CRFF engines use a variable-vane architecture to boost boost, and the CRFX is a direct injection, direct fuel injection engine.

It’s the first CRF engine to come with an automatic transmission, and its four-speed manual transmission offers a maximum torque rating of 4,000 rpm, with 5,000 lb-ft of torque.

The engine is also equipped with two new exhaust systems: a 1.5-inch-thick-diameter stainless steel exhaust and a 3.5 inch-thicker carbon fiber exhaust.

The exhausts are dual-mode and offer a different sound, which is a nice feature.

The front and rear exhausts use a low-profile, high-performance ceramic composite muffler.

The car will be available in two color options, which will be offered starting at $33,990 and starting at just over $35,000.

The three-cylinder CRFF-V and CRFF3, which start at $34,100 and will start at just $30 to $35 each.

The four-cylinders will start as low as $34.90.