Tech companies need to change their behavior to stay relevant in an environment where we can’t survive

More than three quarters of employees who have worked for a tech company reported experiencing a “high degree of stress” because of the competition, according to a study by the HR consulting firm HRK, and that included “a high proportion” of people who work in teams of three or more.

The report found that companies can’t ignore their competitors in the face of climate change and technological disruption, and needs to be “better equipped to respond to and adapt to changes.”

As a result, it found that more than half of those surveyed said they had experienced “high levels of stress and anxiety” as a result of the changes in their jobs.

The HR consulting group said it found the “signs of disruption are evident” in the data.

It found that, of those who had experienced a high degree of “stress and anxiety,” a majority (56%) said they felt “unsafe and threatened” because they didn’t know what to do when a change in work environment or business environment caused them to feel stressed.

Only one-quarter of those interviewed said they were “relieved” from the stress, while only 10% felt they were less stressed in their job.

And the research also found that the number of times people have experienced “unexpectedly high stress levels” is rising.

“It’s hard to be positive about the current state of tech companies when you’re dealing with this kind of data,” HRK CEO Matthew Kuehn said in a statement.

“These findings suggest that tech companies have a lot of work to do to be more resilient to climate change, and should focus on the many opportunities for their employees to have more meaningful relationships with the people who they work with.”