Which games are on the way to Steam?

The developer of Godot Engine has announced that Godot 5.0 will be released on Steam, alongside a “modding” update that aims to improve its graphical quality.

This comes just a few days after Steam launched the first of its new “Steamworks” features.

In short, you’ll be able to tweak the game to make it run better, look nicer, or just be more efficient.

We’ll have more to say about the game when it hits Steam later this month.

Godot is currently available on Steam as a stand-alone PC game, and there are already many games available for it on that platform, including many of the classics from the genre.

The studio behind the game, Unity Technologies, says it’s been working on Godot for “years”, and has been updating the engine regularly for “the last few years”. 

“We’ve been working with a huge team of engineers and programmers to bring Godot to the Steam platform,” the developer said in a blog post.

“Our goal is to release the best possible game with every new release.” 

A Steamworks update is not a new thing.

Valve has made a few updates to its platform since its inception in 2014.

For example, the first Steamworks feature introduced the ability to add your own mods to the game.

Valve also made it easier to add additional content, and even added a “guild” system to allow players to organize their own private worlds. 

But Valve’s Steamworks features were only available on a limited number of platforms, with the company also restricting access to some games to those who had purchased a Steam key.

Valve said it plans to add more “modded” features, including a “Steam Workshop”, to the platform over time.

“We believe the Steamworks experience is critical to our growth and development,” Valve wrote in its blog post on Wednesday.

“We’ll be releasing new Steamworks capabilities over the coming months, and plan to roll out further Steamworks functionality as needed.”

The announcement comes just over a week after Valve updated its DRM and microtransactions policy to allow its developers to sell game updates for free on the platform.

It also follows a similar announcement from the developers of a similar game, Crysis 2.

“Steamworks allows us to make more games available to the general public and increase revenue for our Steamworks partners,” the developers wrote.

“SteamWorks allows us, with minimal effort, to allow our games to be played by as many people as possible without compromising on our quality.” 

We’ll have all the latest news from Valve and Godot on its Steam blog as it becomes available.