V12 engine gets LS engine, but not a turbocharger

A new V12-powered engine will replace the LS engine in the next-generation Porsche 911, the company announced Tuesday.

The engine will be built at Porsche’s design center in Rheinmetall near Frankfurt and the vehicle is expected to debut in 2020.

The Porsche 997 Turbo, which was launched in 2008, was a top contender for the GT1 class but was never built.

The V12 will have four cylinders and a 1.8-liter turbocharged engine that will be the same as that found in the current 911.

The engine will produce 250 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque, the Porsche press release said.

The company is calling the engine a “next-generation supercharged V12,” a name that will likely be used for a similar engine to power the 2018 Porsche 911 Turbo.

The 911 will also get a new interior.

The new design will incorporate a large center stack with a large central airbox, a larger dash with a touchpad and a new steering wheel that is larger than in the new Porsche 996, the release said, noting that the new steering is more comfortable.

The 997’s turbocharged V8 was used to produce 450 hp and 530 lb-force of torque and it had a 3.6-liter four-cylinder engine.

The V12 was not used.

Porsche will sell the new engine to customers at a reduced price.

The next-gen 911 will likely have a base price of $1,895, or about $70,000 less than the current 996.

Porsche said it expects the engine to be delivered to dealers in 2020, when it will be available for sale.