Why are search engines such a pain?

CNN has taken on a new role.

It is now part of the world’s leading search engine company, and is responsible for all of the business, marketing and social media content that CNN publishes on its website.

The news is coming as search engines are having to adapt to new technologies and content that come with them, said Matt Cutts, senior vice president of editorial operations at CNN.

The move will help CNN reach a broader audience of consumers.

In fact, the news could help CNN build its brand and help it continue to expand its business and reach new audiences.

“This is the right time for CNN to make a strong, long-term commitment to its search engine business, and to invest in a brand-building and social-media strategy,” Cutts said.

CNN’s goal is to “build a truly global brand that can drive the future of search,” Cutys added.CNN, the No. 2 search engine on the Internet, is currently ranked as the world`s second-most visited website.

The company is also a leader in news, entertainment, technology and social issues, including the CNN logo.

The company plans to continue to invest heavily in its online advertising business and expand its social media platforms, Cutts added.

CNN also has the largest social media presence in the world, according to Google, and its platform is growing rapidly, as consumers increasingly look to social media to share news, content and information.

The announcement comes as search companies are facing growing competition from new technologies.

Google is developing a social media-based news platform that will let users see and share trending content from across the web, and Facebook is launching a search engine that can help businesses and advertisers create and distribute ads.

While Google and Facebook have the most reach and reach, CNN, Amazon and others have been able to expand their platforms in recent years.

That has helped push search engines toward the cutting edge.

For example, Google has developed a powerful search engine called Google News, which allows users to quickly find content from all around the world.

Google News has grown to more than 10 million daily users.

Amazon, meanwhile, has built its own social media platform called NewsBusters, which lets users search by news topics.

The platform, which has been growing at about 10% per month, is now valued at about $1 billion, according the New York Times.