How to draw an E3 2014 infographic

A series of images and videos by RTE’s technology team have been posted online which show the company’s engineering team using their Adobe Photoshop skills to draw a series of logos for the upcoming E3 video conference.RTE, which is based in Dublin, used Photoshop to create a series in Adobe Illustrator, which it then used to draw the logos.

The first logo is the word “Aero” while the second logo is “Airplanes”.

The company has used a similar approach in the past to create other logos for games and events.

“We used to work with the same process when we created logos for our game industry teams,” said RTE creative director John Dingle.

“I think we have a similar process now, but we can now be more creative and give the best experience possible to our fans.”

The E3 logos were created by a talented team in the RTE digital team who then put together this creative team that then did a fantastic job.

“They’ve done a great job and created some really cool logos, but I think what is really special about this year is that the E3 logo was created by the very people who will be working on the game we’re talking about for E3, which are the artists, artists, and designers.”

For the E1 conference, RTE created the logo for the company and then used Adobe Illustration to draw it.

Rte then used the logo to create the logo on the other side of the E2 video, which features a trailer for a new Xbox game called “The Lost City of Z” and a logo for a mobile phone app.