Winnipeg Jets fans are ready to take over the game

WINNIPEG, Manitoba — The Winnipeg Jets are back in Winnipeg.

After three years out of the league, the Jets are finally back.

They are going to start the season 0-1 and will have to start winning again, which they have been missing.

Their defense has struggled, as well.

They allowed an average of 4.25 goals per game, but were also ninth in the league in goals against (3.25).

So they are going back to a system that they had to adapt to.

And it is going to take time.

The Jets, who went through a roster overhaul and signed a slew of free agents this off-season, have to find a way to find some offense in their own end.

“You’ve got to make plays.

You’ve got your forwards playing hard,” coach Paul Maurice said.

“But you’ve got the defense as well, which has to play hard.

You need to play good defense.

You don’t want to let the other team score, but you also don’t like to give up those chances.”

The Jets had a winning record last season, but they struggled offensively, allowing an average goal per game of 2.42.

Coach Paul Maurice wants the Jets to start 0-3.

He’s right.

The Jets have been outscored 30-8 by teams that scored more goals.

In the standings, Winnipeg is dead last.

They are tied for last with a -1.4 goals-against average.

The two teams are tied with a goal differential of -4.1.

So how did the Jets start 0.5 games out of a playoff spot?

They were a little unlucky.

They played five games in the first round, but only one game was decided by one goal.

And they lost to the Florida Panthers by a score of 3-2.

Then they played four games in overtime and had a 2-1 win over the New York Islanders.

They won 4-3 in the final two games.

That’s when Maurice said he started to think, “Wow, we might be able to get this thing back on track.”

The season ended with a 4-1 loss to the Buffalo Sabres on the road.

The Sabres were playing their best hockey, and Maurice said the Jets couldn’t get out of their own way.

But now they are playing better.

Maurice said the Sabres were out of it early in the season.

Instead of taking the blame, he said he just needs to take the blame for the way he was playing.

That’s why he was so surprised that the Jets got in the playoffs, but he said the fans did not react the same way.

They did not boo.

They didn’t get mad at the goalie.

They didn’t scream at the coach.

They weren’t yelling at the referee.

They were just saying, ‘OK, let’s play better.’

“It’s not easy to find your niche in the NHL, Maurice said, but the Jets have the potential to find it.

They have a good goalie, they have good defense and they have a young group of players.

It’s going to be a challenge.

The Jets are going into the game with a 7-5-1 record.

They lost three straight to the Carolina Hurricanes in the second round of the playoffs and lost to Pittsburgh in the third round.

If the Jets can win in Winnipeg and keep winning, they might not have a problem winning in the West.

They will have a chance to get back into the playoffs.

But for now, the focus has to be on what they can do offensively.

And that is going do a lot for a team that has been missing a lot of goals.”

I’m not saying we can be a complete team. “

And we have a lot to work on in the defensive zone.

I’m not saying we can be a complete team.

But we can make a real good first impression.

I think the players are ready.”