How the Internet will change the way we think about food for generations to come

The Internet has changed our understanding of food, according to the head of the world’s largest food-service company.

Michael Phelps said the advent of social media has opened a new window into the world of the fast-food industry.

He believes social media will revolutionize the way people experience food in the near future.

It will make us better consumers,” Phelps told ABC News.

Phelps, the chief executive officer of Aquafina, said that he believes the Internet has opened up a new world of information about food.”

I think the world is hungry, and I think the Internet is the way to help us get our fix,” Phelps said.”

What you can do with the Internet today is go to a restaurant and get a sandwich, or to a store and get something to eat.

“Phelps also spoke about his company’s vision for the future, which involves building new businesses to serve a growing population of people in the future.

He also said that Aquafine is committed to working with the government to make sure the nation is prepared for a future in which more people live in cities, where people travel to work, and where the Internet becomes more ubiquitous.”

We want to make it really easy to do business,” he said.