Why Google is now a better search engine for football teams than Yahoo!

The search engine giant has long been a favorite among NFL teams, but the search engine has also been a major beneficiary of the NFL’s digital transformation.

Now, Google is no longer the top choice among NFL franchises for searching for information.

The NFL has been searching for the right search engine to deliver its football information for years, and in 2013 the league teamed up with Bing, which is the No. 1 search engine in the United States.

Google was still the top search engine at the time, but in 2015, the NFL partnered with Bing to make a deal that gave the league more control over the way the search was done.

The league made the move because the search algorithm was no longer based on the NFL and Bing.

Google is no more a favorite of the league this year.


Sports’ Football Outsiders ranked the search giant as the No: 6 best search engine.

Yahoo!’s SportsNation ranking for search engine performance was the No.: 10 best.

It is also no longer a favorite.

Yahoo and Bing now rank in the top 20 in search traffic for all sports and more than one in five of Yahoo!’ s searches are for NFL teams.

In the new partnership, Yahoo!

announced it will be the exclusive search engine provider for the NFL through 2020.

Yahoo will provide all the league’s content, including the team names, schedules, and game times, for the first two seasons of the partnership.

Yahoo’s contract includes all NFL content, as well as all content from NFL.com, the league website, and other content the league plans to launch.

Yahoo is also a partner with NFL Films.