The UK’s biggest solar plant is coming online after a decade of delay

Built in a shed in a quiet, old village in Surrey, The Solar Powerhouse is set to become Britain’s biggest.

The plant, which will have a capacity of 8GW, is the biggest of its kind in the UK, with a capacity equivalent to more than 500MW at the peak of the UK’s solar boom.

It will create the UK equivalent of around 200,000 solar jobs and is expected to provide around 2,000 jobs for locals.

The site was once home to the company that manufactures the solar panels, which were used to power the city’s nuclear power station.

The solar panels were sold to the government for £250,000.

A decade on, the project has not only become a vital part of the local economy but also a source of pride for residents.

The project was launched with the backing of former prime minister David Cameron.

A recent report found that solar panels made up nearly half of all UK manufacturing, with nearly 60,000 panels exported from the UK in the past decade.

The UK’s total installed capacity for solar power was around 40GW at the beginning of this year.

The company’s chairman, Mike Waugh, said: ‘The world is shifting towards cleaner energy, and solar power is one of the key drivers.’

This is a big step forward in British manufacturing and we are proud to be part of this journey.’

In a statement, a spokesperson for the company said:’Solar power is a new, sustainable technology that offers the opportunity to generate much-needed power in an environmentally responsible way.’

We hope that this new project will help our local communities to become more environmentally conscious and more sustainable.’

A spokesperson for Environment Agency said: