Bike-powered cruise ship sails on the water

Posted December 11, 2018 07:23:08The Royal New Zealand Navy’s newest boat, the HMNZS Vesta, has just been christened.

The vessel was built by New Zealand’s first-ever commercial motor ship builder, Māori Construction, which has already made a name for itself in the offshore construction industry.

The ship is the culmination of a four-year program that has seen the company develop the Vesta as a fully-automated, self-propelled, and multi-functional vessel that can be towed or pulled by its own propellers.

The first test launch took place last month when the ship was towed to the port of Darwin for final checks.

The crew of the ship are all Kiwi, with more than half of them from Māoriwi and English backgrounds.

The Vesta was built for the Royal New, Auckland-based MV Cape York, which was commissioned last year to operate out of Port Kembla.

The MV Cape Atlantic, which is operated by MV Atlantic Shipping, has an average daily haul of around 20,000 tonnes and is the largest vessel to sail to New Zealand.

It has been commissioned by Newshub.

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