How to Build the Most Engaging Home Automation Platform in 2017

By Steve Kim/Getty ImagesA new generation of home automation systems is now on the market, with the first two of them, the SmartThings Hub and the HomeKit Hub, both from the home automation firm, SmartThings.

The Hub is a new platform, which is a fully connected home automation platform, with an integrated design that allows it to be controlled from any device, including phones, tablets and other connected devices.

Its built-in sensors, cameras, and home automation software can be controlled remotely via the app.

It’s currently being tested on a few of its models and is currently in its beta phase.

This is the platform that SmartThings has been working on for the past several years, but now with a new name.

The SmartThings HomeKit platform will enable devices to connect to their own home automation system, such as the SmartWall system from Nest, and also to SmartThings hub.

The new HomeKit hub will allow devices to create a home automation schedule based on a variety of sensors, which will be shared with other connected home systems and will enable the devices to remotely control any connected devices, including their smart home appliances.

The HomeKit home automation app is now available for download on the Google Play store.

The app has been released to all platforms, including the Apple iOS and Android platforms.

For the first time, users will be able to control their smart devices from anywhere in the world with the new Home and Hub platforms, which can be connected to one another.

The new SmartThings SmartWall Home Automator allows users to create schedules that can be shared to all connected devices through the app and can be programmed with various triggers.

In addition, the Home and HomeKit apps will allow users to remotely start and stop the Home Automators system remotely through the Home automation app, and the app will also provide the ability to automate any of the connected devices from any smartphone, tablet, or other connected device, without the need to have any connection to the device.