IDF launches ground and air strikes against targets in southern Lebanon as ceasefire collapses

The Israeli military on Thursday began launching ground and aerial strikes in southern Lebanese provinces in a bid to thwart Hezbollah fighters from infiltrating the border region to seize territory.

At least three Israeli jets and one drone were used to attack an unknown number of targets in the southern Lebanese province of Taqwa, in an apparent retaliation for Hezbollah’s recent advance.

Israel has been bombing Hezbollah positions in Syria since 2015, as part of a broader campaign to isolate the group from its allies and regional rivals, and is also carrying out air raids in the south, in the wake of the death of an Israeli soldier in Syria on Wednesday.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based monitoring group, reported that an Israeli air strike on Taqwah killed a Hezbollah fighter.

A senior Hezbollah official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Israel had carried out the air strikes in Taqwan.

Hezbollah has been fighting to overthrow President Michel Aoun, a Shi’ite Muslim, since his election in 2018.

He has repeatedly called for a cease-fire to allow for a political solution to the war, but the two sides have been unable to agree on how to proceed.