Kohler engine engine parts maker to sell 1,400 cars at full price

Bloomberg Businessweek is reporting that Kohler will sell 1.1 million engine parts at full cost.

The company had previously said that it planned to sell between 2.5 and 3 million engines over the next six years.

The company will continue to offer its engines through its engine division, Kohler Group, but its engine parts division will be liquidated and the rest of its business will be spun off.

The new division will focus on designing, engineering, and selling high-performance engines.

In March, Kohlers new CEO Mark B. Kohler said the company planned to focus on developing and selling engines that were more fuel efficient and more fuel-efficient in the short- and medium-term, but also more powerful.

The engine parts segment will continue as well.

The stock price was up more than 3% in early trading on Tuesday.