The Official Nintendo Switch Gamer Guide

Posted May 05, 2019 08:13:56 As you might know, Nintendo Switch is coming to Japan, and it’s coming out of the gate with an amazing set of features and a lot of exciting new stuff.

Now that we’re getting a chance to look at the Switch’s new games, however, it’s time to take a look at what other people are saying about the system.

As always, IGN has the scoop, and we’ll be bringing you up to speed as soon as we can.

We’ve got a quick look at some of the things you might not have heard about the Switch, including the gamepad, controllers, and the Joy-Con, the wireless controllers that allow the Switch to act as a controller for games.

Read moreThe new Zelda gameThe Switch’s GamePad is very coolThe Switch has two Joy-ConsOne Joy-Controllers are included with every SwitchNintendo Switch is launching in Japan on May 15th for 7,900 yen (about $8.40 USD)The Switch will have 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, the same amount as the original Nintendo SwitchThe Switch is the first Nintendo Switch console to come with a GamePadThe Joy-Cards are included in every SwitchA Joy-Card will let you unlock exclusive content on the SwitchNintendo Joy-Cam allows you to record video gameplay with the JoyConsThe JoyCon are included on the JoyCon controllersNintendo JoyCon Joy-Canes are included alongside the JoyCardsThe Switch supports all of the new Nintendo Switch features including a SwitchpadThe Switch includes a new controller for the Joy ConThe Switch launches with a new Joy-Pad, a controller, and a GamepadThe JoyCON Joy-Cap lets you play with other JoyConPlayers can also use the JoyCON as a GameCube controllerThe Switch comes with the “Super Joy” system that lets you use the Switch as a Super Nintendo or SNES controllerThe JoyChips can be used with other controllers like the JoyBotsThe JoyCard is used to unlock the following content:In addition to the JoyCap and JoyCard, you’ll also be able to unlock extra content with the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-StickThe JoyPod is included with the SwitchThe JoyWire can be connected to an SNES or Super Nintendo controllerThe Nintendo Switch has a new and improved GamePad The JoyWire has been improved and now works with the GamePad on the same Nintendo SwitchNintendo says that you’ll be able “to use the Nintendo System to play any of the original games” from the Switch and any of Nintendo’s games on other systemsThe JoyPad can be configured for gamepad mode and is compatible with the Super JoyPlayStation 4 and PS4 controllersThe JoyCombo is a new system that adds a “Super Combo” feature to the gamePad that lets users combine two controllers together to make up a super comboThe JoyPort is a device that can be plugged into a Super JoyCon, Super Nintendo, or SNS controller to stream games to your TVThe JoyCube is an add-on to the Nintendo system that allows you “to play your favorite games on the Wii U console”The JoyCam is included in the Nintendo Joy-Camp, a gamepad that connects to an Nintendo Switch systemThe JoyCast is a wireless controller that can stream live gameplay from your TV to the SwitchJoyPort, JoyCast, and JoyCam are all part of the Nintendo Nintendo Switch systems and are all designed to work with Nintendo Switch gamesThe JoyCo is an attachment for your Joy-Beetle that allows users to combine two JoyCon together to create a super ComboThe JoyWave is an accessory that can create a wave of Joy-Booster to add to the power of your JoyConsJoyWire is a wired controller that works with Nintendo GameCube controllersNintendo says the Switch will support the following features:New Nintendo Switch exclusive titles and games include:Nintendo Switch releases worldwide on May 30th for a retail price of 8,800 yen (approximately $89.70 USD) and comes with:2GB of DDR4 RAM (4GB for $199.95 USD)Nintendo Switch has an exclusive controller that allows players to connect their Nintendo Switch to a TV via a “JoyCast” systemNintendo Switch’s gamepad has a Super Smash Bros. system and can stream games from Nintendo Switch through its GamePadNintendo Switch comes out with a game controller that lets players play with any of its Joy-ComboJoy-Chips are included along with the game controllerNintendo Switch ships with a controller and gamepad for $229.95Nintendo Switch starts at $199 for the Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Edition Nintendo Switch comes in a variety of colors and can be ordered from retailers for $299.95 (includes controllers, Joy-Co, JoyBands, and Gamepad)Nintendo announced the Switch back in June, but it hasn’t yet hit the market.

You can expect it to be the first system to support the