How to play the World Cup 2016: How to beat Italy

With the World’s most important tournament now behind us, a number of European clubs are looking to add some fresh competition to their squad.

The following list contains all the clubs in Europe’s top 10 leagues.

The Bundesliga is home to two sides that are ranked in the top 10, with Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich both in the final five.

The top five clubs from the Champions League are Wolfsburg, Inter Milan, Roma and Fiorentina, while the second-placed side from Serie A is Udinese.

The Europa League, also home to a number, has four teams in the bottom five.

With three of them also in the Champions Leagues, one is Bayern Munich, the other is Lazio and the last one is Inter.

Top 10 European leaguesTop 10 clubs in European football (rank)Rank 1 Borussia DFB-Mainz 05 2 Bayern Munich 0 3 Fiorendina 0 4 Udinese 0 5 Roma 0 6 Lazio 0 7 Inter Milan 0 8 Inter 0 9 Fiorence 0 10 Inter 0The top five teams from the European Champions League and Europa League are from the Bundesliga and Serie A. The bottom five are from Serie B.

The top six teams from both competitions are from Italy.